TEZZ DIMAG Advance Abacus

helps the child to develop Fast Mental Math calculations.

TEZZ DIMAG Memory Science

develops not only the left and right side of the brain but also develops the overall brain.

TEZZ DIMAG Counseling

professional advice and help given to franchise to help them to talk to others

TEZZ DIMAG Quick Vedic Math

helps the child to develop fast Math calculations. It’s origin is from the fourth Veda called Atharva Veda.


is used to find out the child’s potential and unleashes his hidden expertise beyond creativeness.

TEZZ DIMAG Intelligence Test

is a biometric analysis of the fingerprints developed by scientists and medical experts based on Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics and Neuroscience through various methods of observation, records, comparison and summarization.


is very useful for those students who feel Disengaged & Discouraged They are trained to communicate with their Minds


by Finger Print Scan we can analysis in Inborn Talent Of students and interest of fields so this test can help to decide future path

TEZZ DIMAG Fast Read & Writing

is an essential skill for both children and adults even in the age of technology, handwriting remains the primary tool of communication and knowledge assessment for students in the classroom.

TEZZ DIMAG Robo - Science

is essential in preparing students for today‟s world of non-stop innovation.


STEM Education stresses the Value of Failure as a Learning Exercise, which enables kids to Embrace Mistakes as part of the Learning Process

Difference between TezzDimag and Other Company

Tezz Dimag

TezzDimag Program cover 10 Course in 1 course i.e. Abacus, vedic maths, handwriting and calligraphy, DMIT, memory Science, coding, robotics, NLP, STEM, public speaking

TezzDimag Program was developed by experts Team and world record holders with experience

TezzDimag Program Develops multi intelligence Like Math, Memory, STEM and Robotics.

In each level , students learn something new so students do not dropout so centers get more profits

It provides more values of money to customers, students learn multi course in a fee so it creates good image in society

We provide 10 course in a franchise fee which is very low


But others company cover any single course

But other’s company has one owner so couldn’t bring multi expertise

Develops only any 1 intelligence

After 2-3 levels only abacus reduce interest, students dropout so centers get loss ,

Do not provide value of money

But most of companies provide single course in franchise fee

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